TEL: 0753-7860299
About Us
Plywood Jiaoling Building Ceramic Co。, Ltd。 is a professional template for building development, production and marketing enterprises。 The establishment of the company since 1992, to "take an honest reputation, quality and development" as the foothold, at home and abroad to introduce advanced production equipment, outstanding technical personnel ......

Contact Us
Company Address:
Jiaoling County, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, banana Town
Tel: 0753-7860299 (plywood factory)
0753-7876762 (formaldehyde plant)
E-mail: JTXCS@263.NET
Sales Center:
Guangzhou Huangpu Road East, No. 552
100 million-rich steel market A17-A22
Sales Tel : 020-82320707
Sales Fax : 020-82320707
Product Practical Case
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